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Tall Mountain and LAke

Empowering your journey of love, healing, and fostering happy and healthy relationships.

Life's been feeling a little hard lately. 

You've been trying your best, but life's still feeling a little out of control. 

You feel alone. Stuck. Helpless. Not sure of what to do next, or maybe even where to start. ​

Whether it's trying to sort through challenging relationships, figuring out your next career steps, resolving past traumas, healing your inner child, or just trying to figure out how to navigate this chaotic beauty of a world that we live in -

we're here to help.

We can help you work through . . .

  • Resolving past traumas

  • Increasing intimacy

  • Learning coping skills to improve your ability to manage stress and conflicts

  • Build better boundaries

  • Communicate effectively

  • Learning how to choose yourself

Turquoise Couch


Navigating the teen years can be a complex journey. We offer a safe space for teens to explore their feelings and navigate life's challenges, helping them build resilience where they can develop their identities.

Who we can help


Our approach is rooted in authenticity and individual exploration. Here, you can safely delve into life's challenges and uncover your untapped strengths. We aim to guide you toward lasting well-being and personal growth.


We prioritize creating a real, open space for you and your partner. Through candid conversations, we tackle relationship challenges and search for shared solutions. Our goal is to help you build a deeper, more fulfilling partnership

Plant in a Glass Bottle

Safe Spaces, Sincere Conversations

We believe that therapy works.


We also believe that one of the key components of therapy's effectiveness is the connection between us - your therapist - and you - our client. 

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet Calm Collective's dedicated team of therapists, each committed to fostering authentic connections and individual growth. With diverse backgrounds and specialized training, each clinician brings a wealth of expertise to address a range of emotional and relational challenges. Our collective aim is to create a safe, empathetic space where meaningful transformation can take root and flourish. 


White Plants

Let us help you navigate life's tides with renewed confidence.

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm *
​​Saturday: By Appointment only
​Sunday: Closed 

*Please note that session hours are scheduled strictly by appointment only. 

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