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Safe spaces, sincere conversations.

About Calm Collective Therapy

Founded in 2021 by Claire Cornelio, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Calm Collective Therapy is not just our name but our mission. We are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment that resonates with our deep-rooted passion for helping others. Our aim is to create a space where everyone feels authentically listened to, wholly accepted, and deeply understood.

We strongly consider ourselves as your staunch allies in your journey of transformation. Our diverse team of therapists are equipped to handle a wide array of emotional and relational challenges, ensuring personalized care that promotes meaningful change.


We firmly believe that therapy works, and the cornerstone of its effectiveness is the genuine connection between you, our client, and us, your therapists.It would be our great privilege to join you in your journey as you reclaim your own space in a world that demands you to be quiet. Consider us your passionate allies, dedicated to helping you create a life that feels like a warm embrace.

Most importantly, a life where you get to live unapologetically. Bravely. 

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